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Glass Display Case Details

The most common type of display case is built of a foundation and a glass cover. But what are the exact materials and what kind of glass can you use?

Well, there are many different variations in design and material, and it´s important to understand each of them to find a good fit for your products and your shop. You want to create a high value and professional atmosphere in your shop to get customers coming back to your store and making purchases.


The foundation of your glass display case can be a variety of materials. The most common foundations are made up of either plywood or metal. Plywood consists of several thin layers or “plies” of wood glued together. The different layers will be turned 90 degree with every layer to strengthen the material. All plywood forms a composite material from bind resin and wood fiber sheets. The cross graining reduces the tendency to split when nailed, reducing expansion and shrinkage and providing stability in every direction. Plywood can be a variety of prices depending on the quality.

A very common material that is used for glass display cases is metal. Metal provides several positive properties to enhance the look, stability, and security of your glass display cases. It´s especially good for heavy products, and it is also a beautiful and versatile material when it comes to the design of glass display cases.

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After selecting the foundation material, you should decide if you want your glass display cases to be finished with glass or acrylic. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Glass is hard to scratch. It usually requires a hard material and much pressure. On the other hand, acrylic is easily scratched. Manufacturers and shipping companies take precautions to lessen the likelihood of scratches, but it still possible that the packaging materials can scratch the display case cover.

Glass, of course, ways more than acrylic which can make it more difficult to transport. However, glass display cases bring an air of sophistication and style into your business that acrylic display cases cannot replicate.

Additional Design Options

If you want to exhibit costly artifacts and sensitive materials, you may want to consider air and humidity control as well as the exact composition of the materials used in the display parts. Glass display cases can stand on the ground or hang on a wall.

Professional Glass Display Company

You should not purchase your glass display cases from just anywhere. Your requirements for a professional glass display case are likely very high, and you should only purchase from a professional company who stands for quality products and excellent service. A company who offers consulting in design and layout of their customers’ shops is another great option. That’s why TX Store Fixtures is a great place to purchase your glass display cases from.

As you can clearly see, you have a lot to take into consideration when planning and purchasing your glass display cases. The experts at TX Store Fixtures are ready and willing to help you get started today!

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