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Corner Display Cases

When you are setting up your store’s layout, whether for a redesign or your initial opening, you want to make sure the room flows easily while also pointing your customers to various focal points. If you have special products that you want to make sure all of your customers see, you must design your layout accordingly. Using various display cases and other displays, you can organize your store so that your customers go and see exactly where and what you want.

Utilizing various types of display cases will help you best organize your store in a way that is conducive to customer movement and increased sales. When you have a long line of display cases, your customers are likely to walk the length of it. However, when that line of display cases ends, they will likely turn their attention elsewhere. If you want to keep your customers moving in a circular route to pass by all of your display cases, you should utilize corner display cases. They fill in the gaps between your standard display cases, allowing you to showcase more products and keeping your customers fully interested in everything that you’re presenting.

At TX Store Fixtures, we have various designs of corner display cases, allowing you to match them to your current standard display cases or letting you take advantage of some different design styles to maintain interest. Jewelry vision corner display cases are a great option if you’re showcasing jewelry and already have several jewelry display cases throughout your store. They will seamlessly integrate into your current display cases. Additionally, we have half vision, full vision, and extra vision corner display cases that also match our standard size display cases of similar styles. For more color and unique styles, our triangle and pentagon corner display cases are perfect. Available in white, black, maple, and walnut, these cases boast a durable melamine laminate surface and two adjustable tempered glass shelves.

As you consider all of your corner display case options, remember that utilizing these pieces will bring a great deal to your store. While corner display cases are not meant to stand alone, they will integrate into rows of regular display cases to increase customer visibility of all of your products. Don’t let poor store layout stop your business from making sales and growing in revenue. Utilize TX Store Fixture’s standard display cases and corner display cases to help your Dallas customers move around your store more easily and increase product visibility and sales.

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