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When beginning a new business, store owners can find it a challenge to sell their inventory from a small space. When faced with such space limitations, it requires some ingenuity to display products to their maximum effect. Straight from the experts at ND Store Fixtures, here are some easy and inexpensive ways to utilize that limited retail space.

Use the walls: Additional space for display cases can be found on walls. You can triple the product merchandising area by using wall fixtures to add shelving, clothing racks, and displays. Look at systems like grid wall or slatwall panels and their accessories to include in the layout design of the store. Keeping displays toward the ceiling will not only draw attention to a product, but it will also help customers to find a particular product.

Make the entrance inviting: The latest products and specials should set the tone for the store and greet customers at the entrance. Display cases should be simple and direct with store signs on throughout. To enable customers to see the entire store, the front displays should be placed low. This will encourage more shopping.

Create great endings: By placing sales items on end-cap shelves or clearance racks at the back of the store you can pull the bargain shopping customers into this area. Rolling racks and shelving on wheels can be used for the occasional sidewalk sales in addition to display cases.

Keep stocked up: There is nothing worse than a customer asking for an item and having to tell them that it is out of stock. A lost sale means a loss of sales that can result in losing that customerís business because you were not able to fulfill their needs at the time. You can use an area at the back of the store to install gondola shelving or other display cases to use as an area to stock items for the sales floor.

Light it up: Proper lighting, particularly in display cases, is important in a retail shop, but even more so in limited spaces. A poorly lit corner of your store will not be profitable square footage. You can use track lights and led light strips to lighten those dark areas. This combination will not only light up these areas but they will also make the area more appealing. Display cases that include lighting can also help to produce a bright spot to highlight merchandise.

Donít forget the check-out counter: The check-out is usually the last chance to get a sales opportunity from customers. You can add shelving or put countertop displays. Check-out counters with slat-walls or glass display cases are great for this as well.

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