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Tips for Buying Display Cases and Available Display Case Options

You can boost sales of your products by ensuring they’re well displayed in your store. No customer wants to dig though other items to get to what they’re looking for, so ease of access is important to have a really profitable business. To facilitate easy presentation of your products, you can invest in a wide range of display cases and counters. It’s important that before you go shopping for display cases, you understand all your options so that you can make the most appropriate purchase for your store. Let’s have a close look at a few tips on buying display cases as well as a breakdown on various styles that are available.


It’s important to choose the correct material for your display cases. Most of these cases are made using glass or Perspex, which ensures maximum visibility without any disruption. Perspex display cases are much lighter and easier to move than those made using glass. Perspex displays also tend to be much cheaper, but these displays can be easily scratched or damaged. On the other hand, glass is less prone to scratches and is a sturdy and more permanent display solution. However, glass display cases can be quite costly. These displays are also more difficult to move, so you’ll have to set them in one place rather than moving them on a regular basis.


Counters that also double as display cases can be a great choice as a multi-purpose addition to your business. Counter displays are mostly made using glass, and they are very durable. They’re usually positioned by the cashier, and the top surface often serves as an extra serving space. Inside the cabinet, businesses can store high value, small items. The logic behind the placement of these items close to the cashier is that they’re more easily monitored and goods are less likely to be stolen.


Unlike counters, showcases are found throughout the store and can be either glass or Perspex. They don’t necessarily hold products that are up for sale. They’re more likely to show your items in an enticing manner. In order to fully protect this type of product display, the products are often put in cases. They’re mostly positioned close to racks and shelves where customers can easily find the showcased products for sale.

Cube Displays

These are modular products that can be easily modified to suit your needs. These display cases can be easily transported and are best for trade shows or other events where you need a portable display. In fact, cube displays can also be interconnected to make a much larger display on demand. This is very useful, especially if you want to add to your displays in the near future. If you want new displays for your location or business, contact TX Store Fixtures today. We help business owners across the United States get the quality fixtures they need fast.

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