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When youíre looking to amplify the success in your retail store, retail mannequins can help you to increase customer foot traffic and overall sales while making your store look very professional and upscale. Mannequins are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes and subdivisions within the retail industry. See why retail stores across the country are opting for mannequins in their store and what kind of benefits that they can bring to your store.

1. Attracts Customers to Store Windows

By having mannequins in your store windows, customers will be more readily attracted towards them to see what the merchandise is. Customers donít feel pressured to come inside to take a look, but by getting them closer to the store and your merchandise, they will be more likely to come inside for a closer look.

2. Realistically Presents Merchandise

Mannequins are created in order to offer a semi-realistic look of how merchandise will look on a person. When clothing is left on a basic coat hanger or on a shelf, it loses a lot of its visual value. By placing clothes and accessories on mannequins, customers will get to see how it will actually look on a person.

3. Encourages Customer Purchases

Because the mannequins are typically modeled after individuals who are physically fit, a customer may be more willing to try on or purchase an article of clothing based on how it looks on the mannequin.

4. Versatile For Many Departments

Mannequins can be used for many different kinds of retail. Although mannequins are typically used for clothing and accessories, these two categories can encompass a wide variety of merchandise: shirts, pants, dresses, jewelry, handbags, backpacks, hats, shoes, and more.

5. Durable and Break Resistant

Accidents are bound to happen in any store. A customer or young child may accidentally bump into mannequins. Most mannequins are made from strong, durable materials that are resistant to shattering, breaking, and cracking. Itís worth spending a little extra money for durable mannequins.

6. Adjustable Size and Positions

Pick from full-body or upper-body mannequins to create the most flattering display of your merchandise. Some full-body mannequins have adjustable arms, hands, and legs to allow you to create an alluring position for various merchandise. With adjustable size and positions, you can produce more inviting and dynamic poses with multiple mannequins, especially in store windows.

7. Presents a Professional Atmosphere

Customers enjoy shopping at a store that is clean, professional looking, and well stocked. Mannequins help make your store look far more professional than a standard retail shop. Youíll be able to prominently display your clothing and accessories like other high-end clothing shops. At TX Store Fixtures we are committed to providing durable, quality mannequins that can be used in numerous types of retail stores. Mannequins are one of the most versatile tools for retailers, especially those that sell clothing and accessories. Give us a call today with any questions and we will be happy to help!
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