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Visibility is very important for any display that you are placing in your store, especially if you are trying to direct the customers to the product in question. Gondola shelving is not only an attractive display format for most stores, but it is also easy to display products on and will attract attention wherever you place it.
The huge attraction to Gondola shelving is that it can be used in so many ways. The standard use for most retail outlets is to use it as a center of the aisle storage. Placing the shelves back to back down the aisles can prominently display your products while still leaving a path for the customer to continue shopping after they have found one of the things they are looking for. You can also use them as an endcap to attract attention to specials or new products that you want to be seen right away. Gondola shelving is also a great option because it can be placed against a wall so you have more open space in your location as well.
Not all products are created the same or are the same size. The adjustable shelves allow you to customize them due the size of the items you are displaying. The gondola shelves are also very easy to adjust so you can change them often if you desire. Making changes to your displays and moving products around has never been easier than with gondola shelving.
Handling Any Items
Due to their durability, the gondola shelving systems are great for all items since they have a large weight capacity. The shelves can handle 250 to 300 pounds, so stacking a large number of canned goods or even larger products will not cause any problems. The shelves will be able to handle anything you throw at them. Handling a higher weight load also allows you to stock more products and keeps you from having to restock often, so it will help you save time as well.
Classy Look
Psychologically, customers feel comfortable with the gondola shelving because they are used to seeing it at retail stores. This comfortable feeling allows them to focus on the products and not the shelving units. If they are looking at the products you are displaying, then you have a higher chance of selling those particular items, and possibly even more, to that customer. Consider gondola shelving for your display needs and contact TX Store Fixtures today to place your order or learn more.
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