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Retail Display Cases

Retail display cases are among the most versatile store display fixtures. They’re very useful if you want to securely display your merchandise while also presenting it in an appealing manner.

Show off your merchandise in a retail setting to anyone who wants to look, but still have the protection of a secured case. Buying showcases for your store will allow you to keep your inventory safe while letting your customers see what you have to offer. Counter display by the register with some impulse merchandise will likely be a huge hit with your buyers. There are so many varieties of store display cases for food and grocery stores and general merchandise as well.

Modular shelving and built-in display cases are some alternatives to typical retail display cases, but they don’t offer you same value for your money. Though you get some design flexibility with built-in displays, they can very expensive and add to the cost of running or starting a business. You can save some money with modular glass shelving, but it doesn’t offer you same security as a retail display case. There are also many different choices and design options for your display cases.
Questions to ask to help you choose the best retail display case for your store:

  • Will the display case perfectly match the décor of your store? You can choose from several shapes, sizes, and different laminates to match your store.
  • Where are you going to stock merchandise for your retail display cases? Are you going to stock it in the back of your store or underneath your case? There are so many storage options available with suppliers, so make the case work for your application.
  • Will your merchandise need some lights? Different types of merchandise needs different lights. For example, ambient florescent lighting works for t-shirts. Halogen lighting is used for jewelry. Different types of foods need encapsulated lights to ensure food safety.
  • Will the display case you’re getting help you secure your merchandise? Consider installing locks on your storage and glass doors.

There are a couple of things to consider when you first receive your retail display cases. First would be the weight of your shipment. Usually these retail cases weight between 80 and 550 pounds each. If you’re ordering in bulk, you may have to have someone available to help you get the retail display cases inside and set them up. Next you want to make sure that you are getting great quality and price for your cases. You can count on the team at TX Store Fixtures. TX Store Fixtures is a premier supplier of quality store display fixtures for small and large businesses anywhere in the United States.
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